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Spring 2019

Rainbow over Kinnersley Friday 24th-Wednesday 29th May 2019

at Kinnersley Castle, Herefordshire

For this year's Spring festival we are hosting a trio from the Vendée, Arbadétorne. The 3 musicians include Maxime Chevrier (violin, mandolin and voice), Jean-Fran├žois Rambaud (guitar and voice) and Mickael Auger (accordion and voice)... These guys have real style and great energy.
The name of the trio is taken from an orchid found in the Vendée which is reputed to have the power to turn aside out of the path of passers-by. But don't you turn aside, they are not to be missed !

Over the week-end, the trio will be giving dance and music workshops, an acoustic concert and playing for the bal.

During the four days there will be a comprehensive selection of dance workshops. Other artists will include Kantref, Helena Reynolds and Jo Veal, Jon Mills, Steve Turner and Helena Torpy. More to follow...

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